idea.cascado Ceiling


Brand new

We want to light up your elevator cabin with unique design. Your unique design if you want. We have two standard designs for you to choose. The modern, cold, straight design and the playful, warm, modern design.



We have the standard sizes of

1.160 mm x 960 mm,

a small panel size of

600 mm x 600 mm or your individual size!



the logo for INFINITE creativity!

The very exclusive way to light up your elevator cabin to the maximum. 

idea.cascado design 1

The minimalistic design in cold white is very modern and highlight in your cabin. You can create your design or logo in this design by request. For individualization ask us by mail.

For the full size please click on the pictures!

idea.cascado design 2

The playful design of the design 2 is very exciting to watch. With the warm white color, its a source of security. The idea.cascado is very bright and lights up the cabin completely.