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We also offer custom-made products for our standard products. Kitchen mirrors or kitchen backs called, are intended as protection and beautification of the kitchen. They donate a uniform, bright light and are very economical. There are countless possibilities for technology enthusiasts to combine their existing Smart Home system with idea.dome kitchen back walls. You can choose between cold, warm or neutral white...


If this is not enough, we can offer you RGB LEDs that you can control via a smartphone, tablet or remote control. The depth effect will give you more quality of life and a completely new sense of space. Your space will be larger and more beautifully lit. If you have any wishes regarding the frame, we can offer you various materials!

Bathroom - idea.dome and idea.luxx Mirrors

What makes the special effect? You have the best of two worlds! On the one hand you have a useful mirror as you are used to it. On the other hand, the idea.dome bathroom mirror can become an idea.dome element and bring you the "depth effect" in your bathroom. A mirror that visually enlarges and illuminates your bathroom without taking up space.

A special feature that you can order as an option is our automatic lighting system. Various processes can be set here which detect persons in the room with the help of a motion sensor and, for example, Turn on the soft lighting at night to light up the bathroom. This helps your melatonin level so you will not be "awakened" by light at night.

BEDROOM - Background and wall installation

The bedroom area includes both our individual custom-made and the standard dimensions. For the private or commercial sector such as hotel rooms, we offer a wide range of solutions. The range of back walls of beds, is becoming increasingly popular in the furniture industry. We offer you the added value for your bedroom. It is possible to incorporate a wake-up function into our elements and to be gently woken by the light. 

The advantage is, idea.dome and idea.luxx offer the added value of depth! The depth effect which ensures a better quality of life and at the same time creates a pleasant experience! Your space will seem much bigger than before!


You can also order a standing mirror and just put it against the wall. We offer countless possibilities and frameworks to choose from! For questions and orders, please contact us!

color temperature

Here you will find a selection of color temperatures that you can order from us. We can visualize a variety of formats and provide a variety of frames.


You can choose between stainless steel, aluminum and (painted) glass frame. To protect against scratches, choose between glass, acrylic or Plexiglas. Last but not least, decide for a light. We use energy-saving, long-lasting and exchangeable cold, neutral or warm light LED as well as RGB LED. You can connect our elements directly to a power supply or via plug and switch it on and off with a remote control. As a special gimmick, we offer a system that can be controlled via smartphone or tablet.


All questions we answer with you personally! Just contact us under our contact details.


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